Illumian Campaign

A campaign taking place in the world of Dryal- A large island area split into five different nations. Corinth, to the north, a large cold nation consisting of rich history and great diversity in those peoples living within it. The Bullwark, a large powerful nation in central Dryal, is populated predominately by humans and keeps the the status quo of the region in general. Below the Bullwark lie the nations Miran, Trinitix, and Bellasin. Miran is a lawless nation wherein power is key to survival- and little else. Trinitix is a nation of warriors, both honorable and not, wherein fighting is the most valued currency and the law and culture of the land. Bellasin is a nation of merchants. Every city and town bustles with deals being made and trade taking place. Money, and the business acumen to use it well, are the key to success in this country. Off to the west lies the vile swamps, or the Marshes, as they are often called. This area bordered by mountains is home to chaos, and any who enter must be prepared for danger of any kind. Anything can happen in The Marshes. Alexandre Soria leads the party through this world’s mysteries and dangers. Through fights against many and dealings with gods and deities, this campaign will wow.


- Alexandre Soria


- Zack Hitchcock
- Dominic Ricci
- Patrick Watanabe
- Matt Henley
- Brooke Lindsay

DM Note

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Illumian Campaign

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