Illumian Campaign

Hero Quests & Time

With the extra time the party now had they decided to work on various individual ventures in the time it took for Patrick to recover his levels lost in hell. They then decided to pursue Hero Quests and began by doing Dominic’s Hero Quest first. Gaining the ability to turn into a dragon, we now progress to Zach’s Hero Quest of harnessing the Mary Sue teddy’s power and Patrick’s Hero Quest of gaining his ancestor’s lost sword.

Gods and Abashed Deities

The party managed with some difficulty to save the Goddess Ferin from Imak and his little pet Sue Mary. Babeester still fell, however he now has the will to leave Hell making it much easier to remove him then it was before for the other deities. Zach lost his scythe and died three times, Dominic got blown up by the Sue Mary, and Patrick cut a lot of things up. When the party returned to the current era, they were attacked by the God of Time >Insert name here< and were unfortunately defeated and sent down to Hell. Finding out that their Gods had forsaken them and facing Werst, Patrick decided to give up a good part of his soul to let the party leave. The party left and managed to make their way out of the marshes into Corinth, and then make their way into the Allhome. Patrick demanded to get a certain item that would restore his power and Zack got his baby back and looked into his interests in Allhome, which included telling his grandpa to fuck off and finding another deity. Dominic postponed his reward but demanded time for the party to rest and recuperate. Also Flandal agreed to take him back, and the party got Chaos stone.

The Adventures in the Marshes

After finding the members of the Cabal the party was chasing, Shea decided to go scout ahead and see their camp. His efforts provided valuable intelligence, but he got caught by the guard! Not to be outdone, he took out half the camp before the party even got on scene, but it was too late. Shea was felled by a powerful necromancer. After Mordren, Pox, and Firo wipe up the rest of the camp and collect the fragment of Word made flesh, they realize that Sheay is not even breathing anymore. in distress, they rush back to Allhome. They are told by the council that they can bring Shea back as though he had never died, but that would be equivalent to their reward for the mission. After accepting, Shea rejoins them after regaining traction with reality and screams of the horrors he endured in Hell. The Council summons them back that next morning telling them some very distressing news. Babeester has just been slain by Imak. The party is sent to the marshes to find the Great Chasm to lead them to Hell in hopes of freeing Babeester. On their journey they experience firsthand the strangeness of the Marshes and have many close calls, but are eventually able to arrive at the Eye. After descending, Shea again gets singled out and is swallowed by the wall landing him in a labyrinth which he escapes with relative ease using his roguish prowess. He then descends through some hidden passage into a very large cell. He soon recognizes the prisoner as Babeester himself! Trying to free him, Shea leans that Babeester died protecting Ferin who is badly injured and Babeester refuses to leave knowing that he failed to protect her. Shea is then caught by the guards and killed once more. The rest of the party now lands suddenly on the first floor of Hell where a succubus greets them. Pox, after receiving instruction as to where Shea was being held, decided to succumb to the succubus quite willingly. While approaching Shea’s cell, they hear cries of profanities and insults that should never be muttered, however clever they may be. After realizing that they cannot release their companion without aid, Yurmal appears behind them and cleverly dispatches the guard. He releases Shea and gives him back his gear. He then presents the group with a paintbrush and Truepaint. Yurmal then disappears as he is apt to do, and leaves the party there. They then paint a door to see Ferin’s condition to realize just how bad her condition is. They left off contemplating going to the Hero Plane to changes these malevolent actions of Imak so as to heal Ferin and free Babeester from the chains of Death.

November 10th, 2011 (Downtime, Rewards, and a chained Illumian)

Spent a week of downtime in the Illumian’s Allhome doing various things. Were given three options from the Illumian’s on what to do next, chose to investigate the Illumian guarding a piece of The Word Made Flesh in a random forest clearing in Trinitix. Were rewarded before leaving by Illumian’s using The Word Made Flesh. Traveled to the clearing and found the Illumian chained. Set off South to find the Cabals that did it and took the piece.

November 4th, 2011 (The Three Options)

Fought in the arena contesting for a piece of The Word Made Flesh. After winning two fights, one against a red giant, the other by default, and then party was forced to choose whether to continue the campaign allied with the Cabals, Illumians, or Nava’kri.

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