The Black Box

A box that will always keep your secret


This relatively small box, (6 inches by four inches by a foot)has no lock on it, rather it has just a simple latch. When opened items fit in almost miraculously. A whole sword can be fit rather easily. A whole huge pouch of gold? No problem! In fact, all of your money is stacked and remains organized. when you reach in, you can easily retrieve whatever is in there. The only limit on what you can put in this box is weight. You can but up to 300 pounds of anything you want in there. Now, the reason this box is so special is that when any non-party member opens the box, it seems empty. There is no rattling of items when it is moved, no added weight, no sign that the box is in any way more than just a typical wooden box. This boxes effects cannot be detected by detect magic, only someone using True Vision can penetrate the illusion, but they can still not retrieve the items. This box cannot be destroyed easily either. Only if disintegrate or a similar spell effect can destroy it magically. The only other way to destroy it is an overwhelming force (i.e. dropping it into lava). If destroyed, the contents are removed from this realm and are displaced to a random location in the astral plane.


The Black Box

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