Illumian Campaign

Gods and Abashed Deities

The party managed with some difficulty to save the Goddess Ferin from Imak and his little pet Sue Mary. Babeester still fell, however he now has the will to leave Hell making it much easier to remove him then it was before for the other deities. Zach lost his scythe and died three times, Dominic got blown up by the Sue Mary, and Patrick cut a lot of things up. When the party returned to the current era, they were attacked by the God of Time >Insert name here< and were unfortunately defeated and sent down to Hell. Finding out that their Gods had forsaken them and facing Werst, Patrick decided to give up a good part of his soul to let the party leave. The party left and managed to make their way out of the marshes into Corinth, and then make their way into the Allhome. Patrick demanded to get a certain item that would restore his power and Zack got his baby back and looked into his interests in Allhome, which included telling his grandpa to fuck off and finding another deity. Dominic postponed his reward but demanded time for the party to rest and recuperate. Also Flandal agreed to take him back, and the party got Chaos stone.


Alexandre Fireskull

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